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Nisa Lee – Nisa Lee is a chef and caterer that offers eclectic cuisine that captures the bold flavors of exotic locales like Thailand, Morocco, Fiji, the Caribbean and Spain


Dailey ReflexologyJanet Dailey/Reflexology in Manhattan: “I see the body as divine architecture and enjoy helping my students and clients rediscover their connection with the body, mind and spirit”

The Vortex Healing Institute

Tulayoga – “Trust, release and meditation through movement”

Art of AlignmentAnne-Marie Duchene/Structural integration in NYC: This powerful integrated system of structural bodywork has medical doctors directing patients with chronic aches toward this intense body therapy as a way of easing pain, increasing flexibility and improving alignment.

Health & Beauty

Soultice Wellness – Shirley Johnson/Soulistic Wellness is a boutique wellness practice providing wholistic activities for the mind, body and soul!

IPE – Institute for the Psychology of Eating – Information on the psychology of eating and nutrition. We were named one of the Top 100 Yoga Blogs by the IPE.

top100-yoga-blogsTop 100 Yoga Blogs




Martial Arts

SASS – “Safe and Sound Seminar: sound strategies that keep you safe! SASS is a New York City based self-defense workshop.”

Retreat Destinations

Paya Bay Honduras – Paya Bay is a beach, nature, leisure, and wellness resort catering to those seeking serenity, tranquility, and communion with nature.

Montezuma YogaCosta Rica – Best Yoga In Paradise with Dagmar Spremberg

Casa do CeoBrazil – “The Brazilian Mineiro way of welcoming!”

Anamaya Resort – Yoga retreats, yoga teacher training, plus surf camp, organic food, beautiful view in Montezuma, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Yoga Retreats – Yoga retreats, meditation, YTTs and other general information about Costa Rica.  All areas covered.

Spiritual Teachings

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Dai Bosatsu Zendo

Insight Meditation Society

U.G. Krishnamurti

Theatre & Dance

Bellyqueen Dance Theater


Intimacy and Relationships

Isis Phoenix – Sensual Shaman – Transformational Coaching and Classes on Shamanism and Sexuality

Yoga Centers

Dragonfly YogaNew Hampshire


General Yoga Information

Manhattan YogaReviews and information about yoga studios in Manhattan, New York City, New York

Yoga in Austin – Yoga studios, teacher, training and retreats in Austin, Texas

Miami Yoga Studios -Yoga studios, yoga retreats, yoga teachers, yoga teacher training and more in Miami, Florida – Studios, retreats, yoga teachers and certification programs, and more yoga information for the beautiful islands of Hawaii


Uniformed Firefighters Association