Corporate Wellness Programs

Want to offer a wellness program at your office, but not sure if your employees will go for it? Bring us in for a lunch-and-learn or one hour of chair massage at ½ price.

Wellness is not a luxury, it’s an investment.

Reflections’ Corporate Wellness Program is designed to help your business retain happy, productive, and healthy employees.

Let our highly-skilled teachers bring the benefits of yoga to your office, with convenient programs designed specifically to energize your workday and reduce stress. We offer our Corporate Wellness Programs morning, noon, and evening. 


Increase energy

Reduce back and neck pain

Relieve stress and anxiety

Reduce sick days

Improve mental focus and concentration


Enhance communication skills

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Relax & Rejuvenate — Tools for Concentration and Breathing

Relax & Rejuvenate

For a healthy body, calm mind, and long life

(30 minute)

Employees are led through a series of breathing exercises to increase motivation, enhance mental focus, and evoke clarity. Through the use of visualization and concentration techniques, they will learn how to effectively listen, articulate, and collaborate in highly stressful situations.

Desk Yoga

Desk Yoga

Sitting right can change your life

(45 minute)

This class addresses ergonomics of daily office life. It will teach your employees how to use their body correctly and to avoid pain. Specific guided instruction will be given on proper body alignment to prevent injury, increase stamina and foster flexibility. The focus of this class is seating alignment and it is appropriate for all flexibility levels. No prior yoga experience necessary.

Onsite Group Yoga or Stretch — Become stronger, brighter, more confident

Onsite Group Yoga or Stretch

Align your body, focus your mind

(55 minute)

This yoga mat sequence helps individuals of all levels enjoy the benefits of stretching, proper breathing, and strengthening. It’s a great afternoon or evening class, as it elevates focus and revitalizes the body.

Individual Yoga Instruction

Individual Yoga Instruction

One-to-one instruction. Learn how to heal what ails you

Our experienced yoga therapist will visit your office and treat people one-on-one, addressing specific ailments that prevent a happy and healthy work day. This is also a great first step for those who are nervous about attending an open class.

Each session is roughly 10-15 mins in length, with a two hour minimum.

Massage for the Busy Person

Massage for the Busy Person

Fix it Quick – Neck, Shoulder, & Back Relief

Our experienced therapist will come to your office and conduct a massage designed to relieve problems associated with repetitive desk & keyboard movement. It does not require the client to disrobe, and is completed in less time than a table-style massage.

This massage is conducted in a chair built specially for massage (which we provide). Each massage is roughly 10-15 mins in length, with a two-hour minimum.

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