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Microchakras and Mantras for Meditation

May 3 @ 7:15 pm - July 5 @ 8:45 pm EDT

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Weekly on the same day until June 14, 2017

w/Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar, Master of Naada Yoga (The Yoga of Sound),
Revolutionary Psychology Theorist, and Teacher

Dates: Wednesdays Apr 5 – Jun 14
Time: 7:15pm-8:45pm
Cost: First class for newcomers – $15
Series of 4 classes – $99

4 classes: APR 5,12, 19, 26
4 classes: May 3, 10, 17, 24
4 classes: MAY 31, JUN 7, 14
Register at the Chakra Institute Site Online Here

Questions?  Call the Chakra Institute: 212-689-2006

Discover 49 Powers in the Subtle Body ( CHITRINI Nadi, the Left Chanel)

While we are all acquainted with the fascinating world of the Chakras, little is known about the micro-chakras.
Understanding the micro-chakras and the psychology they embody could help us transform our perceptions, life-patterns and relationship with the self and others.

In our subtle body, Chakras transmit light, which travels through the pathways (microchakras) to our bodies.Several  blockages stemming from early childhood, can prevent this precious light of the chakras from reaching us.

Psychology is the study of the mind which, in turn, is a product of the chakras.Together with an increased understanding of the subtle body and the science of sound helps to resolve many emotional issues.
The effect of vocal sounds can be amazing. It literally cleanses blocked microchakras and permits the light of the chakras to enter your body.
Experiential classes combine Microchakra Psychology™ theory and the yoga of sound (Naada).  Sounds and mantras offer specific frequencies to alter vibrations in the microchakras and through this change the neurochemical  pathways of the brain. This results in feelings of peace and clarity.

In these classes Sri Shyamji introduces the new field of Microchakra Psychology and its practical component of InnerTuning, the use of precise sacred sounds that release energy blockages within the micro chakras.
He chants accompanying with tambura at the end of each class.

– Help clear lifetimes of patterns and karma through the Left channel containing 49 microchakras.
– Learn how to handle yourself and help others through the application of the Microchakra Psychology.
– Understand in a better way the energy interface of the human body-mind-spirit system and gain better control.
– Clear addictions, repetitive life-events, obsessions, compulsions and bad habits.
– Repeat classic Matrikas, mantras, overtone chanting and rhythms.
– Enhance your spiritual growth through meditations.
– Feel real joy of life.

Other class taught by Shyamji in NYC

Omega Institute, June 3-5 – Sound Healing for the Subtle Bodies

Shyamji’s classes are for those who want to grow  psychologically and spiritually such as hatha yoga students, aurvedic practitioners, psycologists, nurses and healers of all traditions. It is also for those  who wish to advance in  their  current practice through the wisdom and  experience of Naada yoga with this master teacher, Shyamji Bhatnagar.

Experiential classes combine Microchakra Psychology theory and the yoga of sound (Naada).  Sounds and mantras offer specific frequencies to alter vibrations in the microchakras and through this change the neurochemical  pathways of the brain. This results in feelings of peace and clarity.

Please note that Shyamji’s voice produces a very special effect called surya aakash (solar ether) which may transport the listener to other realms of reality. Some people have reported  out of body experiences when participating in these classes.

Students learn sounds and mantras in the traditional Indian method of repetition after the teacher. Sri Shyamji teaches precise pronunciation of mantra which is essential for their effectiveness.

The home of our subtle energies is the classical 7 chakras. Shyamji has discovered that each of these chakras contains 21 microchakras.These classes provide an opportunity to explore your subtle energies through  attentive listening to Shyamji’s masterful chanting. As his voice  stimulates patterns of microchakras, you will have such experiences  as an increased sense of security, joyfulness and competence.  You may also feel more loving, creative and intuitive. These revealing  experiences deepen and strengthen your own uniqueness.

Beatles’ guru Ravi Shankar invited Shyamji many times to assist him at concerts, including Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. Shyamji is also known for his microtone chanting that opens blocked microchakras and facilitates listeners’ experiences in their meditation practice.

In addition to his mastery of Nada yoga, Shyamji is the founder of the Chakra Institute and the author of Microchakras a text book with psychologist  David Isaacs, Ph.D . It is available at Amazon.com.

Shyamji’s credentials include an honorary professorship at the University of Lugano, where he taught microchakra psychology for over 10 years.

Shyamji met his Spiritual Teacher at age twelve in his native India. After moving to the United States, he developed his unique psycho-spiritual theory of Microchakras  which profoundly enriches the classical understanding of the chakras. His method of Innertuning combines Microchakra Psychology with his exceptional gift for producing sounds that enhance the flow of energy in the Microchakras. Innertuning is an integrated practice whose synchronous effects on  psychological, spiritual and physical levels unfold new awareness. This provides  tangible self-development and renewed joy in being.  For over four decades professionals and students in Europe, North and South America have enriched their lives through Innertuning sounds and Microchakra Psychology insights.

Shyamji has presented his work all over the world including at major universities and
institutes. These include the New School for Social Research, Esalen Institute and the New York Open Center. Shyamji  trains therapists to continue his methods of innertuning®.


May 3 @ 7:15 pm
July 5 @ 8:45 pm
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