Creating Exquisite Relationships


Creating Exquisite Relationships

with Christina Berkley

Date: Tuesday, May 20
Time: 7:30-10:00pm
Cost: $30 online, $40 walk-in

Register online: HERE

Relationships start with a burst of euphoria, laced in optimism, invincibility and ease. Somewhere from there to the “happily ever after” something happens and we get lost in the twisty and often confusing terrain of relationship.

In this engaging and revealing workshop you will discover:

~ what you truly want in relationships and how to start getting that
~ the unbounded possibilities when intimately relating with another
~ how to create enduring excitement and turn-on
~ the magic of exquisite communication and how to do it
~ the link between friendship and enduring love
~ secrets of great sex

Join us for an evening filled with lecture, discussion, exercises and experiences aimed at giving you skills that will have you creating the exquisite relationships you dream of.

Singles and couples welcome.