Eye Gazing Party


eye-gazing hat

 Eye Gazing Party

(As seen in the New York Observer)

Date: Thursday, Sept. 25
Time: 8-10pm
Cost: $20 online, $30 walk-in

  Register online: HERE

Asking her where she’s from does NOT create attraction. Telling him you’re a paralegal does NOT make him want you right then and there. Eye contact DOES. At this event, an even number of singles will meet in an attractive space.

After a fun mini-lesson in the art and psychology of eye contact, the group will split into pairs, each of whom will spend up to two minutes looking into each other’s eyes. There is no talking, no shuffling, no nothing but space and heat and electricity. Pairs will switch every one to two minutes, for a total of around half an hour. Afterwards there will be a few games followed by music and mingling.

Two minutes of eye contact is the Cadillac of ice-breakers. Come break the ice at Reflections After Dark.




Check it out in the New York Observer!!!!



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