Connected Communictions

val green eventConnected Communications

Date: Tuesday, October 29

Time: 7:30-9:30pm

Cost: $10

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In this 2 hour workshop, you’ll learn how to:

-Shift from judgments and self-judgment to empathy and compassion: feel good about yourself!
-Channel your emotions in a productive way, rather than overreacting
-Communicate “negative” emotions and desires, in a way that leads to connection and understanding, instead of arguments

I always felt challenged when my loved ones were upset-whether at me or something unrelated. I’d either defend myself, leading to an argument, or I’d tell them they shouldn’t feel that way. I was critical of them and myself. Needless to say, that only led to disconnection and heartbreak, until I truly learned how to hold a compassionate and understanding place for my own and others’ emotions and desires.

One of the most transformative tools for me has been Nonviolent communication, developed by Marshall Rosenberg. Through this method, I discovered how to feel my feelings and desires, with compassion instead of an inner struggle. When this struggle lessened, so did the struggles in all my relationships. Now I’m able to vulnerably feel and say what I want, in a way that creates more connection with my partner, instead of fighting. And I can listen to what he’s feeling, from a place of compassion, without taking it personally. Then together we co-create a way to get both people’s needs met harmoniously.

In this experiential evening, I’ll teach the basics of NVC Self Empathy and communication. We’ll begin to shift judgments of ourselves and others into compassion and understanding, and learn how to communicate in a way that leads to deeper intimacy and connection.


For close to a decade, Valerie Greene has worked with unfulfilled “seekers.” Valerie’s clients have found purpose amidst routine, exited dead-end jobs, breathed new life into spousal relations, crafted friendships from the ashes of bitter divorce, and attracted the right kinds of dating partners.

Valerie’s unique style incorporates elements of coaching, NLP, and many other modalities. Working with Valerie to align your outer life to your inner purpose, you learn to tune into your emotions to clarify how to fulfill your deeper needs and values. You evolve your relationship with your inner critic and gain conscious communication skills. And most of all, you transform the burden of automatic reaction into a newfound freedom of choice.

This workshop is part of a series taught by Melody Kiersz, Iosellev Castaneda and Valerie Greene leading up to their Paradise Found retreat in Belize, January 11-18 2014. For more information on the upcoming workshops and retreat, or to sign up to receive tips on how to get in touch with your inner paradise, please go to