Ecstatic Dance Forgiveness Ceremony

Ectatic Dance PhotoEcstatic Dance Forgiveness Ceremony

Date: Thursday, October 10, 2013

Time: 7-9pm

Cost: $10

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We often hold on to so much blame and resentment. Carrying it around weighs us down, and keeps us from expressing ourselves freely. As we project past occurrences onto our present, holding on closes us up to new and potentially exciting connections.

Giving up that sense of entitlement can be a scary thing, one we often choose to put off to the side because letting go of being ‘right’ requires a degree of vulnerability we’re scared to feel.

What if getting to that state of vulnerability, forgiveness and letting go could be sexy and fun?

Including eyegazing, dance and healing touch, Melody Kiersz will guide you through a pleasure-full transformational journey of opening, release, and re-connection.

Whether you need to forgive your mother, father, sibling, colleague, friend, partner, yourself or any combination of the above, join us in ecstatic and deep release.

There will be no nudity or sexual practices during this workshop. Please wear comfortable clothing you feel good and sexy in.


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Melody Kiersz

Melody Kiersz is an integrated spirituality guide for those who are courageously navigating the tricky landscape where mysticism meets the modern world. She weaves holistic counseling, behavioral therapy, practical breath and energy work, movement, and shamanic and tantric traditions to guide her clients to release limiting beliefs, come home, and find the perfect blend and balance for them.

A native from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Melody has always been curious about what makes people tick. She received a BA in Happiness from New York University, and combined her studies with certifications as a Holistic Health Counselor from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Reiki II practitioner, and as a yoga teacher by the Jungle Yoga Ashram.

Melody is the Founder of Naked Wellness a boutique wellness practice dedicated to healing our relationship with our bodies, our selves and others, improving body image and self-esteem, increasing our ability to speak up, share vulnerably and responsibly, and create a life we love.


This workshop is part of a series taught by Melody Kiersz, Iosellev Castaneda and Valerie Greene leading up to their Paradise Found retreat in Belize, January 11-18 2014. For more information on the upcoming workshops and retreat, or to sign up to receive tips on how to get in touch with your inner paradise, please go to