Nature’s Paradise – Using Folk Remedies on the Spiritual Journey

Natures ParadiseNature’s Paradise: Using Folk Remedies on the Spiritual Journey

Date: Friday, October 18

Time: 7-9pm

Cost: $10

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 Natural herbs have been used for many centuries to heal both the body and mind. Learn the use of nature’s most popular herbs, along with some hidden gems, for self care along the spiritual path. In this workshop we will cover: The top ten herbs for healing body and mind – their uses and constituents and basic folk preparations.



Josie Castaneda is a contemporary wellness coach. Born in Mexico City to a family rooted in the healing arts of curandería (folkloric wellness modalities), shape shifting and clairvoyance, she embraced the importance of our earth and understood the balance of nature. She believes that finely tuning the mind, body and spirit refines our state of awareness, making us clear instruments of service in the world.

Josie is the creator of Curandera NYC, a boutique lifestyle and wellness brand offering folk remedies for modern times. As a modern healer, Josie draws from rich foundations to address contemporary wellness. Her remedies fuse the energetic, mental and physical folk modalities of Reiki, flower/crystal essences, Yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, and herbalism to meet each individual’s unique needs.

This workshop is part of a series designed to find our paradise within, leading up to the Paradise Found Retreat January 11-18 2014in Belize.

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