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Join Paula Tursi, 20-year yoga teacher and 10-year student of Body Mind Centering, and other senior teachers in the internationally renown Reflections Yoga teacher training.Paula developed Reflections as a way to merge what she found most inspiring in the practices of Yoga, energetic healing, and other spiritual practices with her own personal truth. Reflections Yoga teacher training teaches you how to live a yoga lifestyle first and then be able to  teach from a deeper part of yourself. The Reflections program is a life-changing, life-affirming experience. Your practice is deepened through focused teaching, personal development and a strong sense of community/sangha.You will learn the asanas in their classic form as well as from a developmental perspective, offering a deep understanding of why the body moves as it does. Though there is a strong focus on anatomy and alignment, you will also see that movement or asana starts from the inner body. Movement initiated from the inner body can be an expression of the organs, bringing awareness and health to the deeper systems of the body. You will learn how yoga can heal many maladies in the body. The asana practice will be understood far beyond exercise in terms of how it can be used to heal the mind and body.We look forward to serving you at one of our upcoming yoga teacher trainings.

How will this training affect you as a person?

The program focuses on the energetic aspects of life and the body, such as the chakras, the heart center, and also how we show up in life as energy reflected, e.g. our relationships.

The very name of Paula’s studio reflects her orientation towards seeing ourselves and each other as energetic beings. That said, the Reflections yoga teacher training, while offering plenty of technical instruction and anatomical information, is really about deepening your personal inner journey, unlocking any blockages to expression, and clearing the path, energetically speaking, for you to be a vehicle for yoga.

You will be encouraged to engage in activities designed to help you face your fears and emerge as a more knowledgeable, confident person in the world. These experiences can be very deep and because they facilitate deep change in the psyche, can be uncomfortable and emotionally challenging. You will learn how yoga is the science of the mind as well as the body. These are not optional classes. If mental/emotional transformation is not of interest to you at this time, this would not be the appropriate yoga teacher training for you to undertake.

Ready to understand the many aspects of Yoga?

The approach is essentially vinyasa yoga with a strong focus on meditation and pranayama (an integral part of our teacher training), energetic awareness (bandha work, Kundalini meditations), and yoga philosophy. We will explore the process of the the mind and meditation through the Yoga Sutras, Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now and Buddhist teachings.

There will also be some unexpected experiences revealed during the journey of your teacher training. Past offerings have included Indian dance, Osho meditations  and energetic healing sessions.

What you get after completion of the course:

The Reflections Yoga teacher training program is fully registered at the 200 hour level with Yoga Alliance. Our school also provides training at the Yoga Alliance 300 hour level, and we encourage graduates of our 200 hour program to deepen their understanding with us through our 300 hour offerings.

Upon satisfactory completion of the course, each trainee will receive a Certificate of Completion as a yoga teacher. Trainees who complete the necessary contact hours and non-contact hours can register with Yoga Alliance, the national yoga teacher’s organization.

Your personal asana and meditation practice will have deepened.

You will have the ability to confidently teach yoga and hold the space for your students to explore their body-mind.

What we will cover:

Reflections Yoga philosophy
The Yoga Sutras as the science of the mind and how we think
The art of teaching a well sequenced yoga class
Asana alignment
Anatomy that you can use right away
The use of Mantra
Thai Massage (in some trainings)
Actual teaching practice
And more

You are expected to:

Attend all TT sessions
Complete all weekly homework
Teach a 40 minute class with a well developed warm up and teaching concept
Develop a meditation practice
Hold space for yourself and your fellow students to grow

During the month, you should expect to have four days off which may be used to prepare for your practice teaching class (final exam). Though there will be some, there is not a lot of downtime, so you may want to book an additional stay at the retreat center or another center nearby at the end of your training.

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