Prenatal Training

50 Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica

Date: July 18-25, 2015

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Reflections Yoga is thrilled to announce its 50 hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Paula Tursi, 20 year teacher. This comprehensive training is for those who want to dive into the world of prenatal yoga and work with this very specialized population.

Reflections Yoga theory never changes. Whether you are working with well tuned yogis, people with injuries, or in this case pregnant mothers, we will always look at the body as a living, breathing exploration. When we open up to what the body is communicating, we will always be in the right place. It is when we come to this organic instinctual source with fixed ideas that things go awry. 

Our goal in this training is to teach students how to feel—how to address the body from an intuitive understanding that has its foundation in the science, anatomy, and general truths about movement as it relates to the structure of the body. We will also use Thai massage as a way to address the body as a whole as well as being specific to its individual needs. 

It is Paula Tursi’s, deepest desire to empower expectant women by educating them about the physiology of the pregnant body and dispelling fears based on notions and instead– build true understanding and ability to listen and know their bodies and babies from the inside out.

This Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training course offers the skills to: 

•teach prenatal and postnatal yoga;

•meditation for labor;

•relaxation techniques,

•labor support skills for fathers

• an understanding of various birthing techniques 

•Thai Massage for expecting mothers/ side line techniques

 This comprehensive training is for those who want to teach prenatal yoga and work with this very specialized population of women.

Basic curriculum

  • Anatomical and physiological changes during pregnancy and how it relates to yoga
  • Appropriate Asanas (Poses) and Pranayama (Breathwork)
  • Contra-indicated poses during pregnancy
  • Asana modifications for pregnancy 
  • How to use props to help modify asanas for pregnancy
  • Principles of alignment
  • Understanding of the pelvic floor muscles for ALL women
  • Explantion of fetal positions. What poses are beneficial and what poses should be avoided during later pregnancy
  • Common discomforts of pregnancy and how to work with them using Asana and Thai massage

Partner yoga and Massage Techniques 

  • This will include flowing yoga sequences, restorative postures, and massage designed to teach fathers, partners, or friends how to help with the discomforts of pregnancy and labor. 
  • A prenatal yoga teacher’s responsibilities and boundaries
  • Postnatal yoga – rebuilding the pregnant body, including poses to discourage and encourage
  • Practice teaching prenatal yoga classes
  • Discussion of current childbirth practices in our country


  • Leading one 30 minute practice class

  • Participation in study groups (to provide support, deepen your understanding and cultivate curiosity)

    Write a story informative essay on a topic of interest in pre/post natal yoga

  • 5 hours of karma teaching pregnant mothers