Yoga and The Organs

organs and yogaYoga and The Organs

w/ Paula Tursi


Dates: May 14- May 18, 2014
Time: 8am-6pm
Cost: $500 (does not include flight, accommodations or food).  Click here for more information or email Peter at with questions.

Specialize in Yoga Therapy – 50-hour Yoga Therapy Advanced Training
Applies to 300 Advanced Yoga Training hours, registered through Yoga Alliance.

Set yourself apart in the ever-advancing field of Yoga Therapy. This is a unique and insightful course which integrates yoga, thai bodywork and physical therapy. Our collaborative approach addresses structural problems created by movement behaviors and habits. This course will teach you how to support the mind-body connection through adjustments, verbal cues, and exercises.

This course is designed for 200-RYT graduates.
This course will take your teaching skills to the next level by:
-Developing an inner lens to somatic movement
-Identifying significant bones and muscles of the body
-Recognizing and address common problems and misalignments
-Designing structured sequences and workshops to heal and empower your students
-Enhancing your hands-on adjustments with Thai techniques
-Utilizing Thai yoga to increase circulation, decrease pain, and find mobility in the joints
-Incorporating specific corrective strengthening exercises
-Learning how to work with specific populations such as athletes, the elderly, and in corporate/private settings
-Acquiring conversational knowledge of medical terminology