Eli Walker

Who did you study with?

Atmananda Yoga for my 500 Hr. RYT, and now I study with Abbie Galvin and Nevine Michaan at Katonah Yoga

What year did you start teaching Yoga?

What other jobs have you had?
Acting, bartending, nannying, producing, directing, program coordinator for non-profit Earth Celebrations, Managing Director for Stonestreet Studios, and in High School, I worked at A&W and Pizza Hut…refilling the salad bar.

Favorite place that you have traveled to?

India and Bali

List 3 words your students would use to describe your classes:

Challenging, Cathartic, Inspiring

How does your own practice influence your daily life?
My own practice helps me feel embodied, and empowered to write my own life story each and every day in the direction of joy. My physical yoga practice never ceases to make me fall madly in love with being alive as a human in this life, and my meditation helps me to overcome my mind’s stories that don’t serve me, and feel at ease with “what is.”

Favorite asana?
Inversions 🙂 Anything where I get to be upside down!

Who is a teacher who inspires you?

Nevine Michaan inspires me so much that I record all of her classes and then listen to them while I eat breakfast in the morning. Her theory and use of metaphor help me to make sense of daily chaos in the most existentially liberating way, and her insight inspires me to help my students feel the same sense of freedom from our personal narratives that lead to suffering.

A great yoga class makes you feel…