Caitlyn Johansen

Chocolate Lover, Rainbow Warrior, Yogi, Dance Maker

Who did you study with?
TaraMarie Perri of The Perri Institute was my first guide on my yoga journey. I am so thankful for her and the many many guides I continue to encounter.
How long have you been teaching?
As a lover of movement and the eldest of 5 girls, I have been teaching since I was very young.
What other jobs have you had?
At present, I am a professional modern dancer/ dance maker. I have also worked in fine dining, financial compliance, and advertising to name a few.
Favorite place that you have traveled to?
Salzburg, Austria
List 3 words your students would use to describe your classes:
Playful, Inviting, Thoughtful
How does your own practice influence your daily life?
My yogic journey began from a need to deal with trauma. Yoga provides me with a method to be with myself and the world around me, even in challenging moments.
Favorite asana?
Sukhasana, easy comfortable seat. I love this posture. I believe the yoga practice was designed to prepare us to sit, to meditate on all that we are and all that is.
Who is a teacher who inspires you?
Ganesha – remover and placer of obstacles!
A great yoga class makes you feel…
Aware. Every time we come to a class we have a chance to become more aware of our physical & non-physical bodies – our tendencies, preferences, fears, etc.