Eileen Goddard

yoga teacher, theater artist, jewelry designer, and writer who believes that there is great power in movement, and even greater power in being still

Who did you study with?
My mentor Heather Lilleston has shaped me as both a person and a teacher. I have also been fortunate to study with and learn from my many teachers at Yoga Vida.

What year did you start teaching yoga?

What other jobs have you had?
Small business owner and jewelry designer through my handmade jewelry line, Imprint By Eileen. I’ve also worked as a lighting designer and theater tech in NYC since 2006.

Favorite place that you have traveled to?
Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia. It really is the most beautiful, magical place that I’ve ever seen in real life.

List 3 words your students would use to describe your classes:
Meditative, grounded, uplifting.

How does your own practice influence your daily life?
My practice is my foundation. I’ve struggled with anxiety since I was a child, and yoga has played an important therapeutic role in my life over the years. I know the deep change and transformation that is possible through the practice, and it is this awareness and possibility that inspires me to teach.

Favorite asana?
Trikonasana. It’s one of the first asanas I ever learned, and I still practice it almost every day. It amazes me how much one asana can change from day to day, and how much nuance we can develop and continue to refine over the years. I love the balance of structure, strength, and openness that can be expressed in this pose.

Who is a teacher who inspires you?
Sangeeta Vallabhan. I learn something new about myself and my body almost every time I take her class.

A great yoga class makes you feel:
inspired, empowered, and free.