Soma System Workshops

Soma System Workshops:  Free Your Hips & Hammies AND Mobilize Your Shoulders & Spine

IMG_4544Date: Oct 13th
Time: HIPS & HAMMIES: 11:30–2:30;  SHOULDERS & SPINE: 3:30–6:30
Price: $60/workshop for early registration
$75 late registration within three days of event

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Treat yourself to a deep tissue massage and postural alignment session that will
include generous helpings of hip heaven, leg love, and low-back bliss. Your body will
feel stronger and more pliable as muscle tightness melts, and your mind will feel
balanced and more tranquil.

Join us for an in-depth exploration of your rotator cuff muscles. We’ll begin by
thoroughly releasing your upper body, and then we’ll methodically restore proper
alignment: head over shoulders over hips over feet. This will pave the way for
phenomenal inversions, luscious back bends, and perfect posture.

Soma SystemTM workshops include:

Learn to feel and identify key muscles and bones that will deepen your understanding of your body and enrich your experience when you work through these structures.

Shift to a mindful, inward focus that will allow you to sense your unique areas of tension while simultaneously promoting a state of mental calmness to relax your muscles, reduce stress, and improve sleep.

Treat yourself to a massage that you can do on your own with specialized Soma SystemTM tools to increase circulation, decrease inammation, promote healing, improve posture, prevent injury, and reduce pain.

Roman Torgovitsky, PhD is an internal martial arts practitioner, structural bodyworker, Harvard trained biomedical researcher, and founder of the Soma System™. Each of the Soma SystemTM 3-series workshops will teach you to treat your nagging knots, aches, and pains safely and effectively. Learn basic anatomy and palpation skills and nurture an inward focus as you progress through expertly-structured deep-tissue self bodywork sequences. Soma SystemTM will reconnect you with your body, and teach you to take your health into your own hands. All levels of tness and experience are welcome!

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