Tantric Vinyasa

Tantric Vinyasa:  Enlivening the Essence of You

w/Joe Somodi

Date: Sunday 4/14
Time: 11:30am-2pm
Cost: $35 ($25 for members)
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Tantra is not fully understood in the West.  Most people have only heard of Tantra referred to as sexual energy.  This workshop will expand your vocabulary of this ancient tradition.

The word "vinyasa" means "to place something in a special way," and the word "Tantra" translates "to weave," referring to weaving together the material and spiritual worlds.  After a short discussion on Tantra, you will engage in a vigorous Tantric vinyasa class, which consists of postures, movements, gestures, breathwork, and meditation woven together in a special way to reach a specific desired result.  Together we will decide our desired result, and then practice in an intelligent way to get there. 

At the heart of the practice will be an unfolding to remind you of your true essence so you can find your highest potential and live the fullest life possible.