Notes from Paula

November: Are We Wired For Gratitude?

Are we really wired for gratitude? Is it really our nature?  Gratitude is a favorite, yet on going, practice in my life. It’s a practice I seem to turn to in my more dissatisfied moments. Typically when I am feeling crappy, unloved, pissed off, unappreciated and... read more

October: The Importance of Commitment

Reflections is launching what we hope to be an affordable monthly membership for a few reasons: We believe yoga should be available to everyone! I also personally believe, from my own experience, that in order to progress in your practice you need a pair... read more

A Note from Paula about our Kids Programs

I am very excited to announce yet another new branch of our conscious living center– Kids! As a new mom I have come to realize how much of who we are has the potential to be understood and developed  through consciously raising our children. In deciding what I... read more

Notes from Paula: May 2015

It is my first mother’s day! I can hardly believe it. Its been an amazing 8 months. If there was any one thing I have learned in these months, it is how much of my mother lives inside me. I have spent a good many years trying NOT to be like her, for one reason or... read more

Notes from Paula: March 2015

The Wintery Blues I don’t know about you but this winter has kicked my butt! Though my son, Otto, brought a great deal of sunshine, he also added to the fatigue. Although winter can feel long, at least I can get a lot done. There are books to be read, projects... read more