Notes from Paula

Springing Forward

What projects do you want to finish? What courses would you like to prepare for? So, when spring time comes and we move into our more rajasic, or energetic, aspect, we are ready to go out and take on the world!”

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Starting With Self-Love

In the end, maybe the deepest lesson of ahimsa is “self-love,” and since we are as much a part of nature as a forest, why is it any more acceptable to overwork, pollute, starve, cut, criticizes, self-deprecate ourselves than it is to burn down a forest of trees? In this sweet month of the celebration of love, let it start at home in our own hearts.

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Looking Ahead With Gratitude

Most years I can reflect back and recant my experiences, both good and bad. Yoga, in its many forms, has helped me to gain a deeper understanding and more importantly, acceptance of life’s many shifts. No one seems to be exempt from experiencing both the beauty... read more

November: Are We Wired For Gratitude?

Are we really wired for gratitude? Is it really our nature?  Gratitude is a favorite, yet on going, practice in my life. It’s a practice I seem to turn to in my more dissatisfied moments. Typically when I am feeling crappy, unloved, pissed off, unappreciated and... read more

October: The Importance of Commitment

Reflections is launching what we hope to be an affordable monthly membership for a few reasons: We believe yoga should be available to everyone! I also personally believe, from my own experience, that in order to progress in your practice you need a pair... read more

A Note from Paula about our Kids Programs

I am very excited to announce yet another new branch of our conscious living center– Kids! As a new mom I have come to realize how much of who we are has the potential to be understood and developed  through consciously raising our children. In deciding what I... read more